Aiming for a society with zero long-term care burden for both caregivers and caregivers

LAP Co., Ltd.

2009 Creating a "Robot Town"

In August 2009, the robot research and development base city promotion project "Team Atom", which was the predecessor of LAP Co., Ltd., was established by six fathers who pursue their dreams. With the theme of "revitalizing the local economy," we are friends who aim to create a town and an era with nursing robots. Six amateur self-employed fathers in their 50s who have nothing to do with robots

Obtained patent right in 2010 Obtained patent right in 2010 (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)

Obtained patent right in 2010 (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)

The six will visit Professor Keijiro Yamamoto, who specializes in robot research at Kanagawa Institute of Technology, and receive guidance on robot development.
Development of rehabilitation robot received a patent license of the teacher is getting "indirect support device", started to manufacture.
In addition, we proceeded with the development while receiving advice on rehabilitation due to cerebrovascular accidents by Dr. Toshinori Yamashita, director of the Kanagawa Rehabilitation Center Cerebrovascular Hospital.

2013 Established LAP Co., Ltd.

Commercialized the hand rehabilitation robot "Power Assist Hand" that we have developed.
With the corporate philosophy of "Aiming for a society where both caregivers and caregivers have zero burden of long-term care," Team Atom was registered as a corporation and became LAP Co., Ltd.
Furthermore, in 2014, it was evaluated as a safe and secure product driven by the power of air, and Kanagawa Prefecture was designated as a priority project of the "Sagami Robot Industrial Special Zone" approved by the national government, and it was the first special zone commercialization. Certified to .
Promote sales activities with the support of Kanagawa Prefecture, the country, and Atsugi City.

2016-Development and sales of new products

Following the rehabilitation robot "Power Assist Hand" for fingers, "Power Assist Leg" for ankles. Also, the wrist version was jointly developed with "Power Assist List" Densan Co., Ltd.
We also sell three control box models that control these, as well as a "motion-reflecting power assist hand " that reads the movements of healthy fingers and moves the paralyzed fingers apart.
In this way, the number of products is increasing now, so that they can be used at home , hospitals , rehabilitation facilities, etc.
We would like to continue to provide support equipment with the belief that we want to make rehabilitation training more familiar and improve symptoms as much as possible.

Company Profile


company name LAP Co., Ltd.
location 〒243-0815



business hours 9: 00-17: 00

Regular holiday

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Established October 31, 2013
Capital 20,900,000 yen
Main business contents Robot R & D, manufacturing, sales, rental
Manufacture, sale and rental of assistive devices
Corporate history
Before the establishment of the company Please see here for the background to the establishment

Established in October 2013 Capital 10,600,000 yen
April 2016 Capital increase 20,900,000 yen
Major trading partners
Nanasawa Rehabilitation Hospital
Social welfare corporation Nisshokai Smile Sannohe
Densan Co., Ltd.
Tokai Co., Ltd.
Welfan Co., Ltd.
Tsukui Corporation
K2 Engineering Co., Ltd.
Business partner bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Atsugi Branch
Mizuho Bank Atsugi Branch
Shizuoka Bank Atsugi Branch


Those who want to actively perform rehabilitation training, such as those who are not able to rehabilitate hemiplegia due to cerebral infarction due to the influence of the time limit, those who have difficulty going to the hospital, corporations who operate nursing care facilities, etc. We will mail the Power Assist series to anywhere in Japan. We will support the securing of customer's function recovery training time, the function recovery after that, and the reduction of the burden of long-term care.

To reduce the burden on both sides due to long-term care, which is of particular concern in a super-aging society

This is the first commercialization of "Sagami Robot Industrial Special Zone", an initiative of Kanagawa Prefecture.

The Power Assist series is a product that was designated as a priority project of the "Sagami Robot Industry Special Zone" conducted by Kanagawa Prefecture, and was developed by repeating demonstration experiments with the cooperation of Kanagawa Prefecture, hospitals, and universities. We have started selling and renting it as the first commercialization of a special zone, and it is used not only at hospitals and rehabilitation facilities but also at home. "Sagami Robot Industrial Special Zone" is an initiative carried out by Kanagawa Prefecture to support the practical application and popularization of robots that support people's lives toward a declining population and a super-aging society.

There are some things that can be expected to be achieved by securing rehabilitation time, such as training to prevent functional deterioration in old age and functional recovery training for hemiplegia. However, due to the declining working population due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the current situation where the supply of doctors, nurses, and trainers is not keeping up with the increasing demand, there is a limit to the amount of time that rehabilitation can be received at the hospital. In particular, hemiplegia recovery training is difficult without the assistance of a trainer, so it seems that many people are worried because they cannot do their own training as they wish. In order to overcome the current situation, we are developing, selling and renting the "Power Assist Series" that realizes functional recovery training by one person. With the introduction to nursing care facilities and medical sites and the use by individuals, we are actively conducting rehabilitation training for fingers, wrists, and ankles by securing voluntary training time. We will deliver products from Atsugi in Kanagawa prefecture to anywhere in Japan, if you are interested, please consider applying for a free trial or half price trial, for customers in the Kanto area, the staff will You can visit with the equipment directly and tell you the specific usage and training tips.