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For those who are worried about being unable to go to the hospital for hemiplegic rehabilitation due to the system

Rehabilitation of hemiplegia due to cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage is difficult to perform sufficiently due to time restrictions, etc.If paralysis remains, continuous rehabilitation is required even after discharge, but it is done by yourself or your family. Is difficult and difficult to continue.

Therefore, we will deliver a total of three types of assist devices to customers so that they can easily make time for functional recovery at home without going to the facility. We support various types of training, including fingers, wrists, and ankles, and have received many reviews from users.

Regain the feeling of grasping a cup or book with your fingers with "Rehands"

Due to the effects of paralysis, my fingers cannot move as I want, and the movements that I have taken for granted, such as grabbing a cup, turning a book, and operating a smartphone, are cerebral infarction and cervical spine. You may suddenly become unable to do so due to damage to your smartphone. By using "Rehands", which assists in opening and closing training of fingers alone or with a family member even when there is no trainer, you can enjoy your meal with a cup or spoon, and you can read the page of the book you want to read by yourself. We have received a lot of reviews such as turning over. With just one hand function recovery, you will be able to have hope for an independent life. Increase what you can do on your own with gloves that gently support the opening and closing of your fingers with air pressure.

"Relist" to assist the light snap motor function training of the wrist

These actions are indispensable in daily life, such as shaking the pot to evenly blend the seasonings into the ingredients, serving dishes such as slices and dishes, and serving dishes to the dining table. .. Being able to make delicate movements without spilling food is one of the important points not only for the joints of the fingers and shoulders to function properly, but also for the light snaps of the wrists.
If the wrist becomes paralyzed, there is concern that these movements will be restricted and the meal itself will not be enjoyable alone. Many people find it fun and fulfilling to eat with someone. By using our "Relist" wrist function training assist device to enjoy the meal without the assistance of a third party, or to reduce the burden of assistance, "it became easier to move the wrist" and "assistance". We have received reviews such as "I can now enjoy meals without it."
Experience is also possible, so please feel free to contact us.

"Relegs" for ankle function training, which is also important for walking

Due to cerebral childhood paralysis or stroke, the ankle joint contracts to the position where it bends toward the sole of the foot, and when walking, the heel cannot be touched to the ground, and the person becomes like walking with the tip of the foot. In addition, if there are symptoms of paralysis on either the left or right side of the body, such as hemiplegia, it also affects motor function.
If such a symptom is rehabilitated, it is difficult to perform rehabilitation sufficiently due to time restrictions, etc., and continuous rehabilitation is required. However, there are many people who are worried because it is difficult for them and their families to do it and it is difficult to continue. Therefore, when we asked for their impressions by using our "Relegs" ankle rehabilitation assist function, they said, "We were able to reduce the obstacles to walking such as paralysis and equinus" (individual impression). I received a review.

This product was developed with the desire to support people with hemiplegia and equinus to improve their lives, so please experience it once.