Make rehabilitation training more accessible


Rehabilitation training equipment that anyone can easily use

Hemiplegia, a sequela of cerebrovascular disease such as cerebral infarction, may result in "spasticity" in which the muscles become tense and tense over time, or "contracture" in which the muscles become stiff. Such a condition interferes with daily life and rehabilitation training, and puts a burden on the person and the caregiver. In order to prevent such a situation, continuous daily rehabilitation is important, but rehabilitation performed by family members and therapists has physical limits and insurance system restrictions, and the person himself / herself is voluntary. It is difficult to continue to work out, and it is difficult to secure the necessary training time. Therefore, we have developed the "Power Assist Series", a rehabilitation training device that you can wear yourself, with the aim of supporting rehabilitation training that tends to be in short supply. It automatically moves the paralyzed joint by air pressure to support the continuation of rehabilitation training.

Power assist series that realizes self-rehabilitation at home

Sequelae of hemiplegia due to cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage. Immediately after moving on your own initiative, there is an environment in which you can continue to receive rehabilitation during the “recovery period”. On the other hand, there are many people who are not able to receive functional recovery training satisfactorily due to the fact that there is a limit to the number of caregivers and training time during the subsequent "maintenance period". If rehabilitation training is not continued during this maintenance period, the muscles may become weaker and contracture and become immobile. Therefore, the rehabilitation training assist device called "Power Assist Series" supports continuous rehabilitation training.

Experience is possible before use

The "Power Assist Series" can be used by both individuals and corporations. Many individuals have achieved results by voluntarily continuing functional training at home, aiming to prevent contracture, reduce the burden of long-term care, and restore physical function. It is also used in medical institutions, long-term care facilities, and rehabilitation facilities, and is useful for functional recovery training. Before purchasing or renting a product, we also accept free trials and trials at any time. We will deliver the product anywhere in Japan, so please experience it.

For rehabilitation of hemiplegia of fingers, wrists and ankles

There are three types of "Power Assist Series" delivered to customers. The first is "Rehands," a training device that bends and stretches the fingers, and is designed to be easy to wear on paralyzed fingers with a glove shape. Next, the second "Relist" is to move the wrist, and you will be asked to hold the lever to assist in wrist training. And the last "Relegs", which is a device specialized for the vertical movement of the ankle, helps the plantar flexion and dorsiflexion movement of the ankle. By connecting each to a dedicated control box that emits air, it operates and gently moves joints to support rehabilitation training.

Impressions such as the recovery of fingertip movement with the Power Assist series

Introducing how customers using the Power Assist series are using it, For example, we have received voices such as the action of grabbing a newspaper that we had given up on ourselves and flipping it over with our fingers, and the fact that we are now able to do this. It may be premature to give up hope because of paralysis in the present age when it is proved that another neural circuit is formed and starts to move depending on the training. We are disclosing such cases to everyone with permission.

Disseminate useful information

We will publish a column article that explains terms related to paralysis associated with cerebral infarction and cervical spine injury, and how to perform other functional recovery training at home. Other latest information and exhibition information are also sent.