Three types of lineup that assists in functional training of fingers, wrists, and ankles

About selling price, rental fee and trial

"Although training to restore fingertip movement can be continued if a third party assists, recovery does not proceed as expected because the training is not always available," even those who are worried like this. There are many. To support such hemiplegic rehabilitation training, we offer three types of "Power Assist Series". Each is compatible with three locations: fingers, wrists, and ankles, and power assist hands are available in a wide range of sizes from children to adults. First of all, I would like you to feel free to try it with a free trial or a half-price trial.


Rehabilitation training may be required regardless of age due to hemiplegia such as cerebral infarction or accidents. For this reason, we have developed a wide range of sizes for the three types of electrically power assisted devices so that a wide range of people, regardless of age or gender, can proceed with functional recovery training on their own. It uses air pressure to gently move the joints according to the state of paralysis, so please be assured if you are wondering if you can use it in your own condition. We also accept a 3-day free trial or a 2-week trial at half the price of a monthly rental, so please contact us if you are interested. We provide various types of functional training for the fingers, wrists, and ankles. By sending air to the bellows device such as the telescopic part of the accordion with the power of electricity, we have created a safe device that is closer to natural movement and does not receive excessive force. It can be used widely from small children to the elderly.