We will share the results after using the Power Assist series with everyone.

Voices of users

We would like to introduce our customers' experiences on what kind of results they have achieved when using the power assist series, which is a functional training assist device. We have received reports of achievements such as turning the pages of newspapers by ourselves and opening the fingers of our hands. For those who want to try it once, we offer a 3-day free trial and a 2-week trial, which we accept at any time.

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In this era, research on paralysis is progressing, and it has been proved that even if some paralysis remains, there are cases where it starts to move again depending on the condition and training. Just as the synaptic circuit of the brain is formed by new and repeated use, the neural circuit tries to form a new neural circuit even if it becomes unusable where it is paralyzed. In order to promote the formation of the new neural circuit, functional recovery training that repeats nerve transmission, albeit weakly, is indispensable. Therefore, we have provided the Power Assist series so that the training time that is not enough to go to the hospital can be supplemented by self-training at home. We also accept monthly rentals so that individuals can easily introduce it.