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Self-rehabilitation for worries that you can't do what you want

I think that the dysfunction of fingers, wrists, and ankles, which are the aftereffects of hemiplegia due to cerebral infarction, such as not being able to grasp cups and PET bottles well, not being able to grasp doorknobs well, and being unable to walk as expected, can be frustrating in various scenes. I will. In Japan, where physical health and mental well-being have become more important these days, rehabilitation is indispensable to recover from such dysfunction. The rehabilitation training assist device "Power Assist Series" was developed so that this training can be performed by one person at home.

Features of LAP Co., Ltd.

Aim to recover function by supplementing insufficient rehabilitation time with self-training

With the declining birthrate and aging population, the demand for medical care for the elderly has increased, while the population of people working as doctors, nurses, and trainers has also decreased. If this is not done properly in the medical field, it may be on the verge of a flat tire, and the rehabilitation response for paralysis has been restricted after the maintenance period. We couldn't increase the support of trainers, so we needed something to enable training at home to increase training time. Therefore, we have developed a rehabilitation device that assists recovery training by one person, so that even one person can continue the opening and closing movements of the fingers and the up and down movements of the ankles. Even if the paralysis remains, it has been proven that new neural circuits can be connected and move depending on the training, so I hope you have hope for the future with the Power Assist series.

Physical health leads to mental satisfaction and affluence and improves QOL

With the rapid development of medical technology, it is expected that the life span will be further extended even in Japan, which was originally famous for its longevity. On the other hand, the longer you live, the more you worry about how long you can stay healthy. Even if you live a long life up to 100 years old, it is undeniable that if you suffer from physical problems for 30 years after retirement and repeat hospitalization and discharge and surgery, your mental burden will increase. That's where the concepts of "healthy life expectancy" and "QOL" came into play. The former is a term that considers the life span of a healthy life, and the latter is a term that considers the fulfillment and affluence of the mind in daily life. Rehabilitation training is one of the most effective means for recovering the functional limitation caused by hemiplegia of cerebral infarction because the richness of the mind has a great influence on the health of the body and the ability to live independently. To achieve this, we will deliver to you the Power Assist series to assist you in training alone.