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Customer testimonials

We have received various voices from users.

We have received many voices regarding the use of the power assist series, which is a functional training assist device. We have received reports of achievements such as turning the pages of newspapers by ourselves and opening the fingers of our hands. For those who want to try it once, we have prepared a 3-day free trial and a 2-week trial, and we are accepting it at any time, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to hear a lot of voices and try it.

Rehabilitation for hemiplegia that required an outpatient visit at home

Hemiplegia caused by a stroke affects motor function, resulting in paralysis or numbness in one limb or half of the face, one limb does not move as expected and the object in the hand is dropped, and the foot becomes tangled and difficult to walk. I think that it is difficult to live without a caregiver in daily life. Also, since hemiplegia rehabilitation requires going to the hospital, many people may have a hard time. Therefore, for those who have similar problems, we use a functional training assist device called the Power Assist series.

"I'm glad that I can do functional recovery training by myself at home and I don't have to go to the hospital." We have received many personal comments from our customers, such as "I don't have to."

Assist equipment to reduce the burden on the caregiver / caregiver

For example, if your fingers are contracted and become very difficult to move, you will need to take care when washing your hands after going out or eating.

In addition, the ankles become stiff and you cannot walk as you wish, so you will have to go out with your caregiver. Since it is indispensable in daily life, it is easy to imagine that the caregiver will be burdened. In this way, the mental burden on the caregiver as well as the caregiver tends to be considerable in daily life.

Therefore, we have been researching and developing the "Power Assist Series", which is a functional recovery training assist device, with the hope that the burden of nursing care can be reduced to zero. With the support of Kanagawa Prefecture, hospitals, universities, etc., we are developing new assist devices in addition to the three types of devices we are currently providing. We will do our best to reduce the burden on long-term care in the near future, and to reduce the burden on the caregiver and the caregiver to zero by the spread of nursing care robots in the future.

Results of regular rehabilitation at home

What kind of things can be expected to be achieved by actually continuing rehabilitation at home on a regular basis? The three types of power assist series currently provided support movement training for "fingers," "wrist," and "ankle," respectively, so that smooth movements in these areas enable a variety of movements. We have received many customer feedback and opinions.

For example, the opening and closing operation of the power assist hand "Rehands" is the operation of holding a PET bottle, "By continuing rehabilitation, you can eat without worrying about spilling your favorite coffee, tea, juice, etc. without the help of a caregiver. (Personal impression) "" Grabbing a spoon or fork, opening the lid of a jam jar, etc. have become lighter as well.

(Individual impression) ”and other voices have been received. In the actual training, please carry out operation training such as grasping and stacking small versions of color cones that are familiar in practice such as soccer, and feel the goodness of the functional training assist device called the power assist series.