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So that many people do not have to worry too much about hemiplegic rehabilitation

In recent years, as we have entered a super-aging society, the degree of fulfillment of life, such as "healthy life expectancy" and "QOL (quality of life)," has become more important. Continuous rehabilitation training for hemiplegia may be a burden to the individual and his / her family, so the "Power Assist Series" was developed with the aim of reducing the burden of continuous training.

It is a rate plan that is easy for both individuals and corporations to introduce.

A power assist series that electrically sends air to the resin bellows to assist the opening and closing of fingers and the vertical movement of ankles.

Anyone can purchase and rent the Power Assist series. In addition, we have a monthly flat rate plan so that more people can use it. Therefore, it is also used in medical institutions, long-term care facilities, and rehabilitation facilities, and is useful for functional recovery training. Many individuals have achieved results by voluntarily continuing functional training at home, aiming to prevent contracture, reduce the burden of long-term care, and restore physical function. Please check the menu page for detailed price plans.

You can also try it for free before purchasing or renting a product, so please feel free to contact us.

Available in various sizes for rehabilitation from children to adults

The size of the function recovery assist device is also a concern. It is a waste to abandon the introduction of assistive devices because the size does not fit. To prevent this from happening, we have realized a very wide lineup of sizes from children to adults. In terms of hygiene, the area that comes into direct contact with the skin is also appropriate, so it was necessary to consider how to use it cleanly. In particular, cleanliness is indispensable when multiple people, such as long-term care facilities, use the same equipment. Therefore, we use the material used for wet suits, which can be washed by hand with detergent. However, please refrain from washing your hands at home as the equipment may be damaged if you wash your hands with detergent. For maintenance, it is enough to wipe it off with alcohol sterilization every time. Some say that it is easy to choose and can be used with peace of mind in terms of size, hygiene, and maintenance that can be widely used.

A system that emphasizes safety first and has obtained patents in Japan, Europe and the United States

For welfare products, "safety first" is one of the prerequisites for keeping people's lives. Therefore, we have developed a product that sends air to the resin bellows as a device that can be used safely and securely. When human joints move, there is more than one center of rotation. It can be confirmed that the joints are separated when the finger is bent, which moves the center of rotation and realizes more flexible movement. Therefore, the assist device that concentrates the rotation in one place with the motor is insufficient, and there is a concern that the joint will be overloaded.

To prevent this from happening, here are resin bellows parts such as the stretchable part of the accordion. By sending air to the parts that expand and contract freely, it corresponds to the flexible movement of the joints. Furthermore, due to its structure, it is designed so that excessive physical force is not applied. Therefore, it has been well received that it can be used with peace of mind without worrying about injuries without excessive load on the joints even momentarily.