Product introduction

For those who have difficulty going to the hospital for hemiplegic rehabilitation due to the limit of training time

Make your own functional training a habit and create a bright future

Under the current rehabilitation system, you can receive appropriate functional recovery training during the recovery period immediately after hemiplegia. On the other hand, in the maintenance period after that, there are many people who cannot receive training at the hospital as expected due to the system of nurses and trainers and the limitation of training time. The "Power Assist Series" is a device intended to assist in self-rehabilitation training. For this reason, it has been widely introduced to individuals' homes and sites of long-term care and medical facilities where labor is insufficient.

What is the power assist series?

The Power Assist series is a rehabilitation aid that moves the joints of those who have been paralyzed due to cerebrovascular disease or spinal cord injury.
By sending air to an air bag called a bellows and expanding and contracting it, it repeats passively and rhythmically, and continuously bends and stretches joints.
In addition to range of motion training at facilities, individuals are using it as a self-help tool for maintaining the muscle strength of their fingers and grasping objects, and as a rehabilitation aid at home after discharge.
Reproduction of brain behavior patterns by accumulating repetitive exercises has recently been demonstrated and has become a hot topic.
We recommend that you start rehabilitation for neurological reasons or after orthopedic surgery as soon as possible.

  • Power assist hand "rehands"

    Power assist hand "rehands"

    "Finger rehabilitation assistance robot"

  • Power assist leg "relegs"

    Power assist leg "relegs"

    "Ankle rehabilitation assisting robot"

  • Power assist list "rewrist"

    Power assist list "rewrist"

    "Wrist rehabilitation assistance robot"


-1. safe and secure

The definition of assistive devices must be safety first.

By adopting an expansion / contraction operation system that moves air in and out of the perose and a low-pressure pump, excessive force is prevented.

safe and secure

-2. Easy installation and operation

The palm side is greatly cut for smooth installation and removal. Since there is little friction, it feels good to wear.

In addition, the specifications are simple and easy for anyone to handle, limited to "open" and "close".

As for the legs, you can attach it by simply placing your foot on the footrest of the device from above and then covering the instep with Velcro, and you can easily attach it to your contracted foot.

Easy installation and operation

-3. Gently fit

In order to improve the fit and fit of the gloves, you can choose from various sizes from children to adults by paying attention to the material and size, and by packing with the palm side open, you can "grab" while feeling it on your skin. Can be connected to. The leg is made of the same material as the glove, so the fit is good, and the height of the heel when the foot is placed is adjusted using a spacer made of the same material.

Gently fit

-4. Flexible response to symptoms

It can be adjusted according to the situation, such as those who have stiff finger movements or those whose joints are about to harden.

As with the hands, the feet can be adjusted according to the situation.

Flexible response to symptoms

Social Medical Corporation Sanshikai Long-Term Care Health Facility Satsuki no Sato Atsugi Facility Manager
Dr. Toshinori Yamashita, Director of Atsugi Home Support Clinic

Social Medical Corporation Sanshikai Nursing Care Health Facility for the Elderly Satsuki no Sato Atsugi Facility Director Atsugi Home Support Clinic Director Dr. Toshinori Yamashita
Social Medical Corporation Sanshikai Nursing Care Health Facility for the Elderly Satsuki no Sato Atsugi Facility Director Atsugi Home Support Clinic Director Dr. Toshinori Yamashita
Fingers and ankles, which have the aftereffects of hemiplegia due to stroke, are prone to flexion contracture due to spastic paralysis, and repeated range of motion training is important from an early stage to relieve stiffness and prevent contracture.
The Power Assist series developed with LAP Co., Ltd. can be expected to relieve muscle tone, prevent contracture, and reduce edema by gently moving the paralyzed joints using air, making it difficult to continue. It is a rehabilitation training auxiliary device that supports repetitive training.
By continuing to use it, attention to paralyzed fingers and ankles will be improved, and voluntaryness will be increased, so that it will contribute to the expression of precise movements and activation of the brain.
Guidance for use

Please also refer to here so that you can use the AIREHA Power Assist series with peace of mind.

We explain in detail how to use and care for it.

"Rehands" supports rehabilitation by grasping and releasing with the palm of your hand

Due to the effects of paralysis, my fingers cannot move as I want, and the movements that I have taken for granted, such as grabbing a cup, turning a book, and operating a smartphone, are cerebral infarction and cervical spine. You may suddenly become unable to do so due to damage to your smartphone.

In modern times, it has been demonstrated that there are cases in which new neural circuits are formed and move by repeating training to intentionally move fingers that are difficult to move depending on the state of paralysis. It is important to secure training time to achieve this. Therefore, we sell and rent "Rehands" that assists finger opening and closing training alone or with family members even when there is no trainer. Let's increase what you can do by yourself with gloves that gently support the opening and closing of fingers with air pressure.

"Relist" is a rehabilitation device for smooth wrist movement.

There is an upper limit on the training time for paralysis under the current system. Therefore, although it can be expected that the wrist function will be maintained by performing the wrist function recovery training for a little longer, many people may be frustrated because they cannot train at the hospital. Even in the medical field, it is difficult to take sufficient training time due to the shortage of doctors, nurses, beds, and trainers.
Under such circumstances, by introducing equipment that allows you to easily perform self-training at home, you will be able to secure training time. "Relist" is also available for monthly rental, so it is easy to introduce. If you are interested in this wrist function training assist device, we are accepting a 3-day free trial or a 2-week trial at half price, you can apply online or by phone.

Assisting rehabilitation training for hemiplegia in the ankle with "Relegs"

The range of motion of the "ankle" is a very important factor in the ease of walking for hemiplegic patients. If you continue to be untrained, your ankle's range of motion will be narrowed, and if you have muscle tension, your ankle may become stiff with your ankle stretched. It is easy to get sick, and in the worst case, there are concerns about cases such as falling, broken bones, and bedridden conditions. Before that happens, you can expect to prevent such risks by conducting regular training at home with "Relegs". It moves up and down with air pressure to automatically assist ankle movement training. If you move up and down with the switch on your own initiative, it will be easier to get the image of moving by yourself.