Expectations for bedside rehabilitation in acute care beds.

query_builder 2021/09/13

Acute occupational therapy played an important role in the same way as physical therapy, as early addition was observed within 90 days after the onset. Active intervention by the rehabilitation team is strongly recommended for the early prevention of disuse syndrome, getting out of bed and independence of ADL.

The time when occupational therapy intervenes, including stroke, is emphasized early after the onset, and occupational therapists are expected to study efficient intervention content. However, in reality, it is quite difficult to continue rehabilitation training in the postoperative bed due to the problem of manpower.
Therefore, expectations are high for the use of robots that automatically continue rehabilitation training. There are three types of power assist series that automatically assist rehabilitation of fingers, ankles, and wrists, and by installing them on the patient's bedside and wearing them, rehabilitation can be continued for a set time. First of all, why don't you consider introducing it by monitoring it for free and confirming its effect.


  • You can apply for a free trial of Power Assist Hand by phone.

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  • If paralysis remains due to sequelae such as cerebral infarction, accident, or injury

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  • Exhibited Power Assist Series at International Welfare Equipment Exhibition

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  • If you are looking for finger rehabilitation equipment, go to the exhibition

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  • A device that assists finger rehabilitation in the aftereffects of cerebral infarction

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