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Introducing the latest information and training methods

Hemiplegia associated with cerebral infarction can be expected to recover to some extent depending on rehabilitation training. We will explain what kind of actions lead to functional maintenance, what kind of rehabilitation method continuation leads to functional recovery, and so on. I will try to write practical information as much as possible.


    • You can apply for a free trial of Power Assist Hand by phone.

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    • If paralysis remains due to sequelae such as cerebral infarction, accident, or injury

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    • Exhibited Power Assist Series at International Welfare Equipment Exhibition

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    • If you are looking for finger rehabilitation equipment, go to the exhibition

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    • A device that assists finger rehabilitation in the aftereffects of cerebral infarction

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    The more you do strength training in sports, the more you can expect some results. Therefore, even those who are not good at ball games due to lack of spatial cognitive ability can aim for good results in athletics where physical function is important. This also applies to functional recovery training, and the more time you have for training, the more you can expect a reasonable recovery. However, if you continue to overtrain or apologize for the heavy physical load, you may hurt yourself before you can recover. Therefore, I will explain the tips and correct methods of functional recovery training that is performed on a daily basis.