Hand rehabilitation. Until you hold a plastic bottle.

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Hold a plastic bottle

Mr. A, who lives in Fukushima Prefecture, contacted me that he was improving, so I asked him about how to use it and how it went.

Mr. A was in a state where he could grasp but could not open because the sequelae of left paralysis remained due to cerebral infarction and his hand was constantly squeezed by muscle tension.

I started using the power assist hand in May, and used it for 30 minutes every morning and afternoon, with the image of opening my hand as the hand opens with the assist hand.

From around July, the tension will be relaxed, and from around August, you will be able to practice grabbing shogi pieces with your thumb and index finger.

In October, six months after I started using it, I was informed that I was able to press my hand against the table and open it to the par, and I was able to hold a PET bottle with my left hand and even open the cap. ..

Mr. A is still continuing rehabilitation training using the power assist hand.


  • You can apply for a free trial of Power Assist Hand by phone.

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  • If paralysis remains due to sequelae such as cerebral infarction, accident, or injury

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  • Exhibited Power Assist Series at International Welfare Equipment Exhibition

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  • A device that assists finger rehabilitation in the aftereffects of cerebral infarction

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