If you are looking for a finger rehabilitation device, you can also experience the Power Assist series, which has a track record of exhibiting at exhibitions. What is the effect of weakness?

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It is important to continuously rehabilitate your fingers. If you neglect to rehabilitate, it may affect your work in daily life. Therefore, those who are worried about a decrease in grip strength in daily life need to be careful.

Here we describe weakness, which allows for early detection of illness. If you have any symptoms such as discomfort in your fingers, please refer to it.

I want to know before considering finger rehabilitation equipment! What is the effect of weakness?

the effect of reduced grip strength

If you have a disability such as paralysis of your fingers, you may be required to perform rehabilitation called "Activities of Daily Living". Activities of daily living, called "ADL" in the rehabilitation industry, refer to basic behaviors in daily life. Let's take a closer look at what the impact of weakness on daily life is.

Impact of weakness on activities of daily living

  • I can't carry heavy luggage for a long time due to shopping etc.
  • I can't open the lids of PET bottles and jam jars
  • The door is difficult to open (turning type handle)
  • Easy to drop (easy to break)
  • Chopsticks become difficult to handle and eating becomes difficult

If your grip strength is so weak that it becomes difficult to eat, you may use a spoon instead of chopsticks. However, if you still have difficulty eating, you may need support equipment or assistance.

The decrease in grip strength tends to be seen from around 40s. If your fingers show signs of discomfort or weakness in your daily life, use support equipment to rehabilitate as soon as possible.

Diseases that can be caused by weakness other than finger disorders

In addition to finger disorders such as paralysis and age, there are other illnesses that cause weakness. These include heart disease and stroke. The degree of grip strength is attracting attention as a sign of illness and a factor in the onset of illness. Weakness may mean that the muscle mass and physical strength of the whole body are decreasing, so be careful if you feel weakness in a short period of time. It is recommended that you have an examination at a hospital such as a medical examination as soon as possible.

Recently, there are various types of equipment that are ideal for rehabilitation to improve grip strength, and you can check them at exhibitions. There are many devices that support rehabilitation at home without having to go to the hospital, so let's experience it and find the one that suits you.

What LAP Co., Ltd., which provides finger rehabilitation equipment, keeps in mind

LAP Co., Ltd. handles support equipment that allows you to easily rehabilitate your fingers and feet at home. When using a support device for rehabilitation at home, the most worrisome thing is, "Is it really a device that you can use yourself?"

LAP Co., Ltd. allows you to actually experience support equipment regardless of purchase or rental.

In addition, when proposing support equipment, we try to be close to the customer, and if we feel that the product does not fit due to the content of the customer's rehabilitation, we will not propose it. We collect information on support equipment at exhibitions every day and strive to improve the rehabilitation of our customers.

LAP Co., Ltd. provides finger rehabilitation equipment with a track record of exhibiting at exhibitions First of all, experience

provides finger rehabilitation equipment

If you need finger rehabilitation, you may need home care as well as outpatient rehabilitation.

LAP Co., Ltd. handles rehabilitation equipment that can be easily used at home. It is a device that has a track record of exhibiting at exhibitions where physiotherapists and medical welfare workers gather, and it is possible to experience it before purchasing or renting it. Please feel free to contact us first.


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