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Have you ever wished you could easily rehabilitate your ankles at home as well as going to the hospital?

In fact, there are goods that can be used for rehabilitation such as ankles at home. Power Assist provided by LAP Co., Ltd. is one of the rehabilitation goods that can be easily done at home. Power Assist can be easily worn and operated even by those who are using rehabilitation goods at home for the first time.

Here, LAP Co., Ltd., which sells rehabilitation goods, introduces rehabilitation goods Power Assist, which you can try for free. If you are interested, please apply for the catalog.

What is "Power Assist", a rehabilitation product for ankles, etc.? Feel free to apply for a free trial or catalog

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When the hands or ankles are paralyzed, we perform rehabilitation under the guidance of a physical therapist or occupational therapist. In addition, if rehabilitation at home is required, rehabilitation may be performed with assistance from rehabilitation goods. Rehabilitation at the hospital may be difficult to do every day due to the time and effort required to get to the hospital. In such a case, the goods "Power Assist" that support rehabilitation are useful.

What is a power assist hand leg?

  • Goods to support rehabilitation at home
  • You can rehabilitate your hands and ankles at your own pace

Power Assist Hand Legs are goods that assist in rehabilitation for paralysis of the hands and ankles. Even those who have difficulty in rehabilitation at the hospital can feel free to rehabilitate at home. There is no time constraint, so you can train at your own pace. It solves the hassle of getting support from people such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists, and the time problem.

How the power assist hand leg works

Power Assist Hand Legs are goods that assist in rehabilitation powered by air pressure. By utilizing a low-pressure pump and operating gently, it is a mechanism that supports rehabilitation without applying excessive force.

What is the intended use of the power assist hand leg?

It is used for rehabilitation of hands and ankles, and is often used in medical institutions such as rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes for the elderly.

How often do you use Power Assist Hand Legs?

When rehabilitating at home using the Power Assist Hand Leg, it is generally about 20 minutes for 2 sets a day. However, when using it for the first time, gradually increase the number of times according to your physical condition.

Power Assist Hand Legs are available for free trial. If you would like to know more details, please apply for the catalog.

Commitment to product creation First of all, a free trial

Commitment to product creation First of all

LAP Co., Ltd. sells goods that support ankle rehabilitation. Since it is used by people with disabilities in their hands and ankles, we believe that the rehabilitation support goods we provide must be safer. Therefore, when making a product, it is essential to check it so that it is a highly safe product.

We are making products that are easy to put on and operate so that people with disabilities such as hands and ankles who need rehabilitation can use it alone.

It has been evaluated by many people in need of rehabilitation, and the number of returns is "0". If you are looking for rehabilitation support goods that you can rest assured, please feel free to apply for a catalog or free trial.

If you are looking for ankle rehabilitation goods, first apply for a free trial / catalog

We have introduced the goods "Power Assist" that allows you to rehabilitate your ankles at home. How was it? Power Assist is a rehabilitation product that uses air pressure as a power source and can be used at home with peace of mind even by beginners. Let's enable home rehabilitation as training for hands and ankles and continue rehabilitation.

At LAP Co., Ltd., you can try rehabilitation goods for free. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as applying for a catalog.


  • You can apply for a free trial of Power Assist Hand by phone.

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