Home training with finger rehabilitation supplies! Types of motor paralysis and home training methods

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It is important to continuously rehabilitate the fingers. Therefore, it is necessary to move the part with a disability even after discharge. If you want to rehabilitate while you are at home, we recommend using special equipment.

Here, LAP Co., Ltd., which handles rehabilitation products, introduces the types of motor paralysis that cause finger injury and training that can be done at home. If you want to rehabilitate at home, please refer to it.

If you have hand rehabilitation equipment, you can train at home! What is the type of motor paralysis?

What are types of motor paralysis

There are various parts of the body that require rehabilitation, such as fingers and ankles. In addition, there are various factors that require rehabilitation, such as those caused by illness and sequelae caused by accidents.

"Motor paralysis" is one of the factors that require rehabilitation of fingers. What exactly is motor paralysis? Let's take a closer look.

What is motor paralysis?

Motor paralysis develops when the muscles of the body become unbalanced. Abnormalities occur in the muscles of the body, and the tension becomes stronger or weaker.

Types of motor paralysis (general example)

  • Shoulders rise freely
  • My elbows bend
  • The palm of your hand bends up
  • My fingers bend


Motor paralysis is characterized by increased muscle tension in the early stages of onset and calming down over time. Therefore, shortly after the onset, it becomes difficult to stretch the fingers and shoulders normally, but it gradually becomes possible to stretch.

Types of motor paralysis conditions

  • Separation movement
  • Synkinesis

There are two types of motor paralysis: segregation and synkinesis. Separation movement affects only the parts of the body where the symptoms appear, such as only the shoulders and fingers, and synkinesis means that the shoulders and fingers do not move together with the symptoms.

Evaluation method of separation movement (in the case of fingers)

Separation movements can be evaluated in stages. Here, we will introduce the evaluation method for fingers.

  • You can make your fingers goo (Stage 3)
  • All fingers can be extended (stage 4)
  • You can pinch each of the other 4 with your thumb (Stage 5)
  • The fingers can be opened and closed sideways, and can be bent and extended one by one (stage 6).

The evaluation method described above can be used to determine whether or not the fingers are paralyzed. It is also an index that you should aim for when performing rehabilitation.

For finger rehabilitation, you can also train at home by using support products. By training at your own pace while at home, you can aim to improve your symptoms.

What is a home training method?

What is home training method

It is important to continue finger rehabilitation to improve. When I hear rehabilitation, I have a strong image of going to a specialized medical facility, but I can also rehabilitate my fingers at home. Introducing a simple home training method for rehabilitation of fingers.

You can easily do it at home! Recommended home training method for finger rehabilitation

  • Step 1: Place your fingers next to your body. The point at this time is to make your fingertips face forward or sideways.
  • Step 2: Slowly extend your fingers one by one.
  • Step 3: With your elbows extended, gradually put your weight on your fingers. If it is not stable, lightly press your elbows.
  • Step 4: Bend your wrists with your palms facing up. At this time, stretch your fingers slowly so as not to pull them too much.

Another way to rehabilitate at your own pace is to use support products that you can use at home. Among them, the power assist hand is powered by air and can move joints with gentle and natural movements, so it is recommended for those who want to rehabilitate their fingers while at home.

Continue training at home using rehabilitation products from LAP Co., Ltd.!

Motor paralysis can be caused by increased or weakened muscle tension. Rehabilitation products can be used as a way to balance finger tension so that you can train at your own pace while at home.

LAP Co., Ltd. handles rehabilitation products that can be easily used at home. Since it is powered by air, it is highly safe and has a structure that makes it easy to wear on paralyzed fingers. If you are considering home rehabilitation, please contact us.


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