Rehabilitation equipment for paralysis of fingers! Reasons for contracture Checking customer's voice and using rehabilitation equipment that can be used safely and with peace of mind

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LAP Co., Ltd. handles rehabilitation equipment suitable for training such as paralysis of fingers. Customers who are actually using rehabilitation equipment said, "I'm glad I didn't have a device to easily train my fingers." "The range of motion of my fingers and ankles that didn't move due to contracture expanded. The tension has eased, "and other happy words have arrived. A rehabilitation tool that is safe and can be used with peace of mind.

Here, we will introduce the contractures that cause paralysis of the fingers and the points to use the fingers well. Please use it as a reference.

Let's aim for recovery of finger paralysis with rehabilitation tools! Why does contracture occur?

Why does contracture occur

Contracture is one of the causes of finger paralysis. What kind of condition does contracture mean? Let's take a closer look.

What is the contracture caused by paralysis of the fingers?

Contracture is a condition in which joints are difficult to move. The reason why joints are difficult to move is that the paralysis of the fingers causes the muscles to contract and the flexibility to decrease.

In the first place, you can move your fingers because there is communication from the brain. This transmission from the brain is transmitted to the muscles through the motor nerves. However, if the fingers are paralyzed, the transmission from the brain will not be performed normally. Therefore, there are cases where contracture is caused. Prolonged tension in muscles can easily cause contractures.

What should I do if my fingers are paralyzed?

If the fingers are paralyzed, rehabilitation is performed to improve the muscles causing contractures to normal. The method is rehabilitation in a specialized medical facility or using rehabilitation equipment.

Paralysis of the fingers requires continuous rehabilitation. If you have difficulty going to a rehabilitation facility, we recommend using rehabilitation equipment and training at home. It is important to choose a safe product when using rehabilitation equipment at home, so when considering rehabilitation equipment for home use, it is safe to choose a product that allows you to actually experience the feeling of use. In addition, it is a good idea to refer to customer feedback.

Are rehabilitation tools effective for finger paralysis? What are the points to use your hands well?

What are the points to use your hands well

If contractures are caused by paralysis of the fingers, training at a rehabilitation facility or at home with rehabilitation equipment should improve the condition. So what can we do to eliminate contractures caused by paralysis of the fingers? Let's take a look at the points that make it possible to use your fingers well.

Points to use your fingers well

  • Exercise from the spine to the fingers
  • Strengthen the inner muscle

To use your fingers well, you need to exercise to reduce the burden of movement from your spine to your fingertips. You can reduce the burden by exercising in order from the top of the spine, scapula, shoulders, elbows, and fingers. It should be noted that if the movement uses only a part of the spine to the fingers, a load will be applied to that part.

If you have motor paralysis, it may be difficult to exercise separately for each part. Let's make good use of rehabilitation equipment and carry out training. Also, excessive use of the outer muscles (outer muscles) can cause the inner muscles (inner muscles) to not be used well and cause the muscles to loosen. If the inner muscle is moving normally, you can use your fingers smoothly. This condition is especially noticeable in people with motor paralysis such as fingers.

If you cannot use the inner muscle well in rehabilitation, it is also effective to use rehabilitation equipment. When using rehabilitation equipment, it is also important that the product is safe and secure. If there is a customer's voice using the product, you will be able to use it with more peace of mind.

Use rehabilitation tools for finger paralysis! We offer safe and secure rehabilitation equipment that can receive many customer feedback.

To avoid contracture due to finger paralysis, it is important to continue rehabilitation at home using rehabilitation equipment.

LAP Co., Ltd. sells rehabilitation tools that are safe and can be used with peace of mind. We have received many customer feedback and are proud of the number of returns "0". We can also manufacture small size tools for children, so please feel free to contact us.


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