Voluntary training of fingers paralyzed by the aftereffects of stroke

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Power assist hand
Hands that have been paralyzed due to sequelae such as stroke have a great impact on daily life. If left unchecked, this paralysis can lead to a more difficult situation in which the symptoms of contracture progress and the fingers become harder and harder. Regular rehabilitation training plays a major role in preventing this progression. The power assist hand is a convenient product that allows you to continue this rehabilitation training at home, and it can be said that it is the best product to continue the rehabilitation training after discharge.


  • You can apply for a free trial of Power Assist Hand by phone.

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  • If paralysis remains due to sequelae such as cerebral infarction, accident, or injury

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  • Exhibited Power Assist Series at International Welfare Equipment Exhibition

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  • If you are looking for finger rehabilitation equipment, go to the exhibition

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  • A device that assists finger rehabilitation in the aftereffects of cerebral infarction

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