Increase the effect of rehabilitation with the ankle rehabilitation device "Power Assist Leg" ru

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For continuous ankle rehabilitation, we recommend the Power Assist Leg, which you can use at home. By moving your ankles every day while using rehabilitation equipment, you can expect to obtain the effect of maintaining muscle mass and strength.

If the amount of exercise is reduced due to paralysis of the ankle, it is easy to cause new disorders. Regular rehabilitation and exercise are necessary to prevent disuse syndrome. Let's take a closer look at what disuse syndrome really means.

Bedridden conditions such as illness or injury or prolonged resting can cause muscles such as ankles to weaken and cause disuse syndrome.

  • Muscle atrophy (motor dysfunction)
  • Joint contracture (motor dysfunction)
  • Bone atrophy (motor dysfunction)
  • Cardiopulmonary function declines (cardiovascular / respiratory disorders)
  • Aspiration pneumonia (cardiovascular / respiratory disorders)
  • Thrombosis (cardiovascular / respiratory disorders)
  • Bed sores (others)

The above-mentioned disuse syndrome may cause motor dysfunction and cardiovascular / respiratory disorders.

If you use rehabilitation equipment wisely, you can expect the effect of maintaining muscle mass and strength even when you are at rest.

One of the important things about rehabilitation of ankles is that it does not create new obstacles. When it comes to disuse syndrome

Movements that are effective in preventing disuse syndrome

  • Posture change
  • Turn the ankle
  • Move not only the ankle but also the toes
  • Knead and loosen your ankles

Dietary improvement to prevent disuse syndrome

  • Eat a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Actively consume muscle-building protein

Even conscious movement of the ankle will improve blood flow and be a preventive measure. Be aware of moving your body as aggressively as possible.

You can prevent disuse syndrome with just a little ingenuity in your daily life.


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